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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Was it something I fed?

Inexplicably yesterday, around mid morning, my roofers disappeared.

This despite the fact I am (not known to them of course) blogging so virtuously about their right to work, about cultural clashes.

This, flying in the face of my carefully planned out course of restorative beverage and snack breaks, which hello, they cannot have if they aren't here. Today was going to be a combination, a mix of healthy and not so healthy - fruit AND cookies. And sweet tea.Nope. They left me and my roof hanging.

All that is left here are unused building materials and trash, including a mysterious anti-freeze bottle.Sidebar: How is it that every single time there is any collection of trash, no matter how random, that there is a yellow anti-freeze bottle in the mix? I promise you nobody changed their anti-freeze in my driveway while they were roofing. Where did that even come from?

I will admit that I have enjoyed the quiet this afternoon, although fully aware that this respite has purchased yet another week day of my car out at the curb, baking in the sun, while the driveway serves as command central for the roofers.Questions, all I am left with are questions.

Where did they go? Why did they leave? They didn't finish eating the food they'd brought. Why didn't they come back?

They left the box for their stove....They clearly are doing fractions for me. Mathematics - isn't that the truest sign of devotion?Is somebody else giving them better treats than I am? Perhaps allowing them to tromp the plants in peace? What?

I am promised the roofing crews will be back this morning, first thing. I took down my "please don't smash my lettuce plants" sign. I hope they'll notice.

I want them here because I want them finished. I want my house to have a roof over our heads just like all the other houses. This semi-roofed status gives me the heebie jeebies. It feels too vulnerable.

Please come back roofer men!

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