Welcome to austinagrodolce … My family and I garden with more intention and enthusiasm than allocated budget or overall design plan. It shows. Wildlife populations don't seem to notice our lack of cohesive design, they just like the native plants here. It seems by growing local we've thrown out a welcome mat. Occasionally, we're surprised at who (and what) shows up.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Hope Springs Autumnal

Here at the agrodolce we've had a soaking rain for the second time in as many weeks.  In combination with (slightly) cooler temperatures, it has been heartening to see a lot of heat and drought stressed plants lifting their heads and putting on an end of the season show of what they can do when given a chance.

Mostly I'd been watching for a seasonal straggler that hadn't yet shown - the oxblood lily.  I only have a couple of these, and as I've read other bloggers talking about theirs in bloom I've been stewing, wondering where my blooms were, worrying they'd been accidentally unearthed without my noticing or worse - had been fatally attacked by some underground pest.

Today I spent hours out working my curbside beds, pulling back overgrown ground covers, weeding and prepping and putting out wildflower seeds.

Unfortunately around here, one of the few areas I have with full sun is alongside the street in a spot where I can't enjoy the view except for when I'm driving up to our house or simply, stubbornly, standing out in the street to see.   I work hard to get a good display going out there and really it is all for passersby or my across the street neighbors to enjoy.

I was sitting with a glass of water moodily wishing I had a sunny spot closer to the house, staring at the bed in front of me, when I finally noticed.

There she was right in front of me.  The oxblood lily was in bloom and by golly if I didn't nearly miss it.
Talk about ungrateful.  There it is doing its beauty in the field thing right by the front door and there I was barely four feet away not even paying attention.

Some of the most poetic portions of scripture address the idea of people having ears who don't hear and having eyes who don't see.   I'm sure grateful I quit stewing about what I was missing in time to see what I had.