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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Wrong footed

OK - it has been long enough since my ladder dismount foolishness that I'd thought I'd be hobbling around on my own by now - but apparently I misunderestimated the damage done by my leadfooted leap and am still required to use crutches.

Which, OK, have been sanity savers on the one hand, but on the other hand....crutches are no fun, not nearly as desirable as I'd always thought in elementary school when anybody in my class ever needed them.

Crutches are not as padded as they appear, the padding they do have makes my hands smell funny no matter how many times I wash them, and I am longing for the day when we can decide where the heck we will try to store them, which will mean I have no more use for them at long last.

In the meantime, I am developing coping mechanisms while simultaneously enriching all our local fast food merchants as we turn to them for nightly sustenance.

And predictably enough,  as much as I gritch and complain when dinner prep duties are calling I am now remembering a lesson I've learned at the front and back end of many a move. When I MUST eat fast food day after day, it gets tiresome.  Very very tiresome.

And another larger lesson to undergird the whole "wait until I have somebody to hold a ladder no matter how irritated I am by the smoke detector bleeping when the battery needs replacing" has been this one.  When I am not one hundred percent?  I am not loads of fun for company.  I get even more impatient than usual and the teensy areas where I feel I still might exert control enlarge to become my universe, reducing me to a very unbecoming overfocused snappishness if I am not extremely careful.  And some times, even when I am trying to be extremely careful.

So OK universe.  Ankle Uncle! My foot is getting better, a teensy bit every day.  My lessons are learned.  I pinky swear.  Just let this ankle finally unswell all the way please and let the last bit of aurora anklealys bruising fade away for all time thank you.  Allow me to step out sans the aluminum sticks of aggravation, walk along under my own steam, bearing my own weight, and I am pretty sure I can and will hold on to everything this experience has taught me for the rest of my days.

I just might even remember to be grateful for the chance to cook my own dinners with the food I choose in my own kitchen again.

At least for a couple of days.

At any rate.  Happy 4th of July all.  Hope you are healthy, bipedal, happy, and that you are celebrating with the people you love.