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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ready, set....

Truth be told, the culling process around here has only just gotten past the early stages.  For the most part until late yesterday afternoon, no matter how hard I worked, it still felt a lot like rearranging deck chairs on a sinking ship.

However, with six bags of books already taken to Goodwill, two bags dropped off at our community library, and two more topically relevant books bagged up for a friend who has just been ordained, at least the shelf space is opening up.

There are boxes waiting for another trip to Goodwill.  There are two closets that will be ruthlessly (finally!) cleared out today or tomorrow and the clothes will all be donated to a charity slated to be in my neighborhood Friday.  We have a young couple planning to come pick up an old couch that will be new-to-them and as far as short term goals, that battle is won.

This process has changed my seeing.  I am now eyeing a closet that historically stored arts and crafts supplies (along with tennis balls, a vacuum cleaner, ironing board, iron, winter coats, a small file cabinet) and knowing this editing process can't stop until everything in there has been taken out, sorted, and at the very least reorganized, if not relocated.  Not to mention the laundry room.  Etcetera, etcetera.

It is all quite gratifying, if a little exhausting.

Realistically I will not get every clearing out project accomplished before the end of the calendar year.  But that doesn't matter.  I am happy to celebrate the spaces we have made, content to know the other projects will still be there whenever the impulse to lighten our material load next grabs me.

Meanwhile, back at the blog, all this sorting and stacking and bagging and boxing is not leaving much time, much less energy, for posting.  Fear not however, while I am lugging and hauling I am also busily planning.  I have a series of ideas cooking up to be shared with you right here, hopefully sooner rather than later.
While you are waiting, I invite you to visit Ree at The Pioneer Woman to pick up the full recipe for these amazingly delicious Apple Dumplings.  The recipe calls for an ingredient that may surprise you but gives you results that won't disappoint on any front.

Next up, Lisa at Homesick Texan has a recipe for Bread and Butter Jalapeño pickles buried deep in this post about what constitutes Texas Potato Salad that is a great way to use up a jalapeño pepper bounty if you've got them growing in your garden.

These pickle versions of late summer fireworks are a snap to make even if you have to stop at the store to buy your own peppers.  I've had them plain and in potato salad both and now can't wait to try them rough chopped atop brats to munch on while we celebrate the start of UT football season in a few weeks.

Speaking of football, for those of you still in the mix, Happy First Week of School!  I may not be packing lunches or waving kids off to the bus any longer but I remember what that was like as if it was only yesterday.

I'm getting ahead of myself.  Right this minute, I've got the car to load up.  I'll be back with more fun before too long. Bye for now!  


Iris said...

Wow, Deb! You've been quite a busy bee. You've inspired me to do some de-cluttering around here, too. Thanks! Look forward to your secret upcoming posts, too.

TexasDeb said...

Iris I will take that as high praise coming from somebody like yourself who has so many creative projects going so successfully at any one time!

Decluttering around the house is easier for me than in the garden at least. Inside I can control the temperature better, and the stuff I'm hauling off hasn't already reseeded.

Charlie Hills said...

I remember what that was like as if it was only yesterday.

Ahhh . . . me too.

Oh wait. That was only yesterday.

TexasDeb said...

Hey Charlie! Thanks for dropping by. Yeah - your memory always has been the stuff of legends....

Even with supposedly grown kids in our family I still get a jolt when I hear the bus each morning. It is a hangover from 16 years during which I focused on getting two of our own on board with all necessary school gear in hand. Rinse, lather, repeat....

Kathleen Scott said...

You and my husband would get along well. He believes every closet should be cleared out annually. I HATE closet cleaning but I need to donate all those business suits I'll never wear again.

I went to Lisa's blog and copied the jalapeno pickle recipe. I can't keep up with our CSA allotment and they look awesome!

Glad to feel the cheer in your words and know you're feeling more like yourself.

TexasDeb said...

Kat: Your husband would love my intentions but the reality, that several of the closets I'm currently tackling have not been sorted out for oh, about 10-15 years? THAT would drive him nuts.

I used to be better about his when the kids were living here. Every year we would sort through everything a couple of weeks before school started. Hmmm - maybe THAT is why this current effort feels so natural?