Welcome to austinagrodolce … My family and I garden with more intention and enthusiasm than allocated budget or overall design plan. It shows. Wildlife populations don't seem to notice our lack of cohesive design, they just like the native plants here. It seems by growing local we've thrown out a welcome mat. Occasionally, we're surprised at who (and what) shows up.

Friday, August 27, 2010

At times



what progress looks like.


Kathleen Scott said...

You're a good influence. I don't have the fortitude for a whole closet but I cleaned out two drawers this morning...thinking that if a woman standing on one leg can do it, I can too.

TexasDeb said...

KS: Wellllll....to be honest - I am standing on BOTH legs now. And even walking, albeit not very quickly and with a bit of a residual limp. I can't manage a full flight of stairs more than a couple of times a day and still don't have luck trying to carry anything heavy around (darn!) but otherwise...PROGRESS! Thanks for the good thoughts as always. Two drawers are better than none.