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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Yo Momma

Ah, Mother's Day.

My own Mom is long gone, but if she were yet around I am certain our entire family would be busily planning the ways in which we'd try again this year to do the impossible: thank another human being for doing everything it took to bring each one of us into this world to begin with.

Every Mother has their own story about becoming a Mom, and that applies regardless of gender or circumstance, because, as you may already know, there is a lot more to being a Mother than biologically reproducing.

Here's to my Mom, here's to your Mom, here's to everybody everywhere who loves and cleans and feeds and houses, who tends to and fusses over children their hearts call their own, all in an attempt to get us each started along our own path.

If you like, feel free to leave a comment including a salute to your own Mom.  She may never see it, but she'll just know you were a good boy or girl.  Mothers always know.

Happy Mother's Day from Austin Agrodolce.

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