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Friday, July 10, 2009

I Might Have Been Dreaming

Suppose you were to walk into a room where I was napping (not all that unlikely in this weather, seriously) and you were to hear me mumbling in my sleep like so: "Republican, Trashy Trailer Park, Baja, Democrat, Dirty Sanchez...".You'd have every right to think I was commenting editorially in my semi-comatose state about recent political not so Appalachian Trail pecadillos or other various gubernatorial meltdowns, but you'd be dead wrong. If you did overhear me muttering to myself in such a way, you'd be listening to me sleep-talking about my second ever trip to Torchy's Tacos.

Ah, Torchy's, Torchy's. I have it as my goal, before I die, to eat everything on Torchy's menu at least once (don't judge - you formulate your list and I'll stay in charge of mine). So far I've had the Republican, the Trailer Park (trashy, thanks) and now have added the Fried Avocado (Chef Son's worthy favorite) and the Democrat to the "been there eaten that" category.Oddly enough in Torchy World I really really do like the Republican much better than the Democrat. I know, weeeeeeird.

I noted last time in that there are ever-changing monthly taco specials at Torchy's. I am still mulling on that particular twist to my challenge, knowing how unlikely it will be that I'll get there once a month. Maybe I'll have to officially narrow my quest to include trying everything on the "regular" menu and let it go at that. Sigh*...the sacrifices I make.....

And now a teensy apology to non-Austin readers out there. It often makes me itch when I read all about how fabulous some restaurant is someplace I don't live but then I console myself with the idea that someday I may visit that other wonderful spot and so now, when I do, I already have some idea of where I'll go to eat. If you do not live in Austin then get here soon as you can and when you do? Find a Torchy's and get started ordering. If you do live in Austin and haven't tried Torchy's yet? Wait no longer. OK. I'm done with Torchy's until next visit when I sense a damned fine surf and turf combo of a sort in my future.

In an unrelated Homeresque "D'oh!" moment, I recognized while listening to ChefSon wax poetic over a fabulous caprese salad he'd enjoyed recently that what our go-to Pomodori al Forni treats were missing (they didn't lack anything, OK - this is gilding the lily) was...... a bit of basil.

Usually I served the tomatoey bliss bites atop crostini schmeared with a little goat cheese. Good enough, you know?

But this last time out the gate I threw a basil leaf on top and et voila!

That one simple addition elevated what was already swoony good to something that reduces the eater to guttural moans of appreciation.

Really. Do not take my word for this.Try this recipe immediately if not sooner because this is summer in a bite.

Perfection on your palate.

Mmmmmmmmmm and then some.

As opposed to enjoying a taco from Torchy's which requires your presence in our fair city, Pomodori al forno can be yours.

Wherever you live, whenever you please.

And that, my friends, is heavenly. Sweet dreams!


Iris said...

Your intro really tickled me, Deb. I can't believe I still haven't been to Torchy's--no excuse now.

I've got quite a few heirloom tomatoes on hand right now: do you think they would work in the recipe? It sounds yummy enough that I might actually get IN THE CAR to go buy a baguette for it. After all, it's still under 100 at the moment...

TexasDeb said...

They had organic Romas at the Wheat last time I was there. Don't know that I'd squander a Cherokee Purple on this preparation although it might be a great experiment if you have plenty (and I am trying my VERY BEST not to be totally jealous of that....). It wants a fairly pulpy tomato since it cooks down so long. Let me know if you try (and maybe we'll meet up at Torchy's for lunch once it cools down some - say, October maybe?).

Flapjacks said...

i'm very tempted to to quote your comment from my blog on torchy's from last fall. . .

TexasDeb said...

Go ahead - if I remember correctly (which may be pushing things WAY too far) I said something about how if other people are eating at other taco places, it simply means the lines at Torchy's will be shorter for the folks who will eat noplace else.

And, for the record, while I have it as a goal to try every Torchy's Taco (on the REGULAR menu that is), it does not mean by any stretch that those are the ONLY tacos I ever intend to eat. Life is way too short to limit the taco possibilities.

And you can mos def quote me on that!