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Friday, December 21, 2012

Apocalypse, Not

I'm not entirely clear on all the details (having not paid sufficient attention to the doomsayers, again, which surely will lead to my eventual demise...), but I am quite certain we have escaped at least the literal "end of the world".   For today.

Even though it was reported that 1 in 8 Americans believed today was to be our Big Finish?  I did not note a crush buying batteries recently or stocking up on water, both of which I recall clearly from the disasterism hullaboo arising around the turn of the last century.

Perhaps because there is no way to prepare for no longer existing, though many seemed to believe they'd intuited a safe spot to hide out while the world ended while others worked to devise various survival assistant devices.  There is one man in China, for instance, who apparently stuffed his life savings into the building of a modern ark, having decided that the sky jaguar vomiting blue in the Dresden Codex pages depicts a world-ending flood.
See that blue stuff to the left of the far right panel?  Et voila, your flood.
Not to trivialize flooding this soon past Hurricane Sandy, but, huh.  A flood?  Many Texans still suffering from a protracted drought secretly wish we did have "too much water!" as our current problem to solve.

At any rate, here's to the continuation of our world!  Here's to all the ways people have been celebrating and hoping to stave off the short colder days over the centuries!  Saturnalians, Christians, Christmas celebrators of every stripe?  This next week or so is all yours, so show us what you've got.  I mean, since we are all still here to see it...

In the meantime, from our home and gardens to yours - no matter what you celebrate or how - very warmest wishes for the season, and yes, joyfully! seasons, yet to come.


Cat said...

I've been wondering how you're doing. Glad to see your comment on my blog! Happy New Year to you! I left a long, rambling comment to your question about Meyers. Way too long to go into here too. :)

TexasDeb said...

Thanks for the Meyers info, Cat! I guess we'll both have to simply try our luck, see what works (and what doesn't), and go from there. Happy 2013!