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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Speaking of steps....

I won't be taking any anytime soon apparently.

After a particularly graceless exodus off a high ladder perch yesterday, I landed awkwardly (read:heavily) on one foot and thoroughly cranked my ankle.

We are talking a sprain of epic proportions unfortunately which may see me stuck with one non-weight bearing leg for quite a while.

Today I am ensconced on my side of the bed, using the Hub's laptop, crutches tucked to one side, pillows lip gloss, water glass, OTC anti-inflammatories and book all crowding the bedside table.

Me being the imaginative type, I spent much of yesterday assessing the pain and swelling wondering anxiously if I'd "only" sprained my ankle or if I'd also broken bones and/or done tendon damage.  Today the pain is both better and worse, having settled into an area I am trying NOT to decide indicates something more than a sprain.

Oh - did you not know I am a free lance faux physician in my spare time?  Yeah - I went to the lifetime school of observational Mommy medicine and though I am short a degree OR admitting privileges at any health care facilities I can at least claim I have not killed anybody under my direct care.

Fear not - I am monitoring my situation extremely closely and at least know enough not to research online the consequences of my fall/injury as part of the process.  I'll want a nap later which won't be possible if I am fighting a full fledged anxiety attack hatched by the horrors so often unveiled by web searches for medical information.  I have loving family around to fetch and fuss over me and help me keep my decision tree reasonable as to when it might be time to head out for professional intervention.  You know, of the went-to-school and got their degree type physicians.

For now I am laying low (except for that one elevated leg) and I'll be back in a few days, hopefully with glowing reports documenting an astonishingly rapid recovery.

I'll leave you with this one thought for today...  Do not for one moment take for granted the ease with which you currently are able to push away from a table and chair, stand, and walk around your home/office/environs to do the thousands of things you do every day.  That mobility is an absolute gift, one you should (and at least I now do) cherish for as long as it is yours.



Iris said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear about your ankle. I'm with you on remembering to always appreciate body parts working well! A gift indeed.

Hope your healing process isn't too painful or too lengthy.

Kathleen Scott said...

Blankety-blank! I'm so sorry! Not fair.

And how will we all get along without your summer kitchen wisdom?

I'm a veteran crutch-woman, having killed the ligaments in one ankle years ago. And, like you, having diagnosed a later incident as a sprain. The break healed well though.

Hope the pain and swelling subside quickly.

TexasDeb said...

Iris thanks for the good wishes. I'll take both the not too painful and the not too lengthy as instructions to follow, and we'll see what happens.

Kat I am in awe of your veteran crutch worthiness. I am pretty sure if I don't get better pretty fast on my crutches it won't matter because I will kill myself trying to use them and the whole issue will be rendered insignificant. (I am also carefully glossing over the idea of having killed ligaments...shhhh....we do not entertain such ideas at the moment because they c l e a r l y do not apply to moi.)

Y'all ambulatory types take care out in the early heat this year - looks like we are in for another long hot summer.

Kathleen Scott said...

Just a quick note to say I'm thinking about you & hope your ankle is getting better.

joco said...

Ah, I've got my answer:
that is how/where you are.
What the blazes were you doing on top of a ladder?????
I sincerely hope you did the RICE thingie as soon as you could reach the fridge.
More than a week has passed since your mishap and we are ready for an update.
Here's "mervann" to you.

Garden Lily said...

Sorry to hear! You're so right, it only takes an injury to realize how blessed we are with health and mobility all the other times. I did a stupid thing and immobilized my own arm with a lot of pain for 3 days, just a few weeks ago. It was embarassing, and I am feeling so fortunate now to be pain-free and fully functional.