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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Summertime Fun

At the moment the sabal palm trees out back are in full bloom.

The individual flowers are teeny tiny, but the aggregate pollinator action they are getting is epic.

The fragrance drifts around on the breeze, periodically tapping me on the nose to express exuberance in floral terms.

Later there will be palm "nuts" to bother with, but at the moment, it is delightful to be in the general vicinity of the sabals as they are putting on their big show for the season.

And keeping with the "in bloom" theme, our basil plants are bolting big time.  I discovered I didn't have to aggressively eradicate the flower stalks to keep the basil in leaf production.  As I pondered if there was anything I could do with the blooms I recalled they taste just like the leaves.

Only they are smaller and differently gorgeous.

I decided to stick the florets onto a few bites of cheese.  It turns out they are delectable together!  I realize this could fall into a "pretty fussy preparation" category if taken too far, but I kept it very casual, just chopped off a few sticks of organic cheddar and then literally stuck a few rinsed-off basil blooms right into the top surface.

Combined with some grape tomatoes and a little sea salt?  It barely gets any easier than this.  All that's missing is something icy to sip in between bites.

If you've got basil in bloom (or thyme or rosemary) try rinsing a few blossoms to serve atop small pieces of cheese.  Next time I'll drizzle on a little organic olive oil.  Savory, fresh, and fun  - this is Summer on a plate.

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