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Friday, June 7, 2013


This morning I was enjoying a second cup of coffee while reading a blog post by one of my ongoing favorites, Joan at Debt of Gratitude.  

Entitled "On Balance" Joan writes about the necessity of taking a long view when searching for a sense of balance in life.  

At the end of the post she invites readers to comment with a description of their own season of life as experienced "right this moment".

It all got me to thinking.  I'd be hard put to slap a seasonal label to "right this moment", but her words recalled for me the deep wisdom shared by our family's pediatrician, back when rearing our firstborn had every decision every day seeming to be ALL IMPORTANT.

It was a routine well-child check and I was wearily describing to the doctor what I saw as the futility of offering a balanced diet to a persnickety eater, who had recently begun finding it a calling to eat the world's supply of winter squash to supply crisis stage.  

My kindly pediatrician advised me not to fret about any one day's feedings, but rather to look at each week or potentially even each month as a period overall, "on balance".

Taking the longer view was incredibly helpful.  And no surprise, once I relaxed
about his eating, my young son seemed to do the same.  In fact, now he earns his living as a professional chef and is about the most adventurous eater I know.

I suppose the same could be said about a lot of what I all too often waste my time/energies being fretful about, that taking a longer view would provide a lot of breathing room.  

And, potentially, a lot of peace.

I didn't characterize it this way in the comment I left on Joan's post, but after further thought I suppose I'd say the season I am in at the moment is one of "of breathing in deeply and looking on from afar". 


Joan @ Debt of Gratitude said...

Breathing is so important. Funny how we do so little of it.

Taking the long view is an indispensable piece of advice, from marriage, to child-rearing, to . . . heck . . . quilting! I tell all young women to breathe more, worry less. And, of course, take the long view.

TexasDeb said...

Such good advice for any young woman (and at least one not-so-young woman I know very very well.) Thanks for dropping in Ms. Joan!