Welcome to austinagrodolce … My family and I garden with more intention and enthusiasm than allocated budget or overall design plan. It shows. Wildlife populations don't seem to notice our lack of cohesive design, they just like the native plants here. It seems by growing local we've thrown out a welcome mat. Occasionally, we're surprised at who (and what) shows up.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Long Weekend

Happy Memorial Day Weekend. In anticipation of lots of folks picnicking, this fabulous Venn diagram of multi-purpose cutlery. Can't go wrong with a splayd, now can you?Honestly we are not doing all that much around here to actively celebrate Memorial Day.  The flag will go out. That is about it.

I like it that way though.  Quiet.  Low key.

We will indeed prepare food and eat it.  Lots of it.  However, none of it may be blog-worthy.

To tide you over (because everybody needs a blog fix when they need it, weekend or no,) I share these random tidbits with you.  A mini-buffet if you will.First up? Peaches. I haven't seen Texas peaches in the stores much, a late freeze took most of them out. But these beauties from Mexico, organic to boot, are the real deal and the next best thingI made a batch of jam already, and have plans for cobbler this weekend.

Check this out. I gave one of the women I walk with regularly a jar of peach jam. She puts up with all my yammering very good naturedly - it is the least I can do. Another woman who just started up with us then asked, innocently, "Oh! So do you grow peaches?". And for whatever reason, somehow I felt stupid for having to reply "No - I just bought some and made jam.". What is up with that I am wondering? I don't think the woman meant anything negative about the comment so why can't I just let it go? Still pondering on that one.These uglies have been congregating on our Shasta Daisies the past few days. They will take down a tomato plant so I am happy they are staying away from our struggling tomatoes AND pleased that plunging them in soapy water seems to be keeping them under control. So far.

Additionally, when I first posted about my garden being invaded by these I had linked to an article in the local paper garden blog, using a photo from the post (credited) only to hear that the newspaper has copyrighted their blogger's materials so you can link, but you ought not use. I was relieved the blog author gave me a polite heads up about it promptly and I switched the photos out rapidamente. I am not out to snag anybody's copyrighted stuff, no ways no days. You must be careful with the internet. Some stuff (like all of mine) is out there for the taking while other stuff is tightly controlled. I was duly reminded to be more careful not to blur the lines.I do heart peaches. I really really do. I kept the peach pits and maybe I will just try to grow my own peach tree after all.

Here is a hats off to everyone who serves in the military and to all their family and friends who do without them while they serve us all. You honor us with your service, all of you. Please be careful and return home safely to the one who love you.

I hope you have good peaches where you live and can have some soon. Whether or not you grow them or simply enjoy them. Have a lovely looonnnng weekend, won't you? Enjoy the extra day, have a nice meal where you go to a little extra trouble just because you can, and I will see you all next week!


bee said...

organic peaches are a real luxury. i'm glad you can find them. i am queasy about consuming regular peaches because of the high level of pesticides. peach jam sounds like a real treat.

PassivePastry said...

I love, LOVE your new layout.... and the pictures in this post are gorgeous. yum!

Siren said...

I wonder if a peach tree would grow here in Alexandria, Virginia

Peaches are my favorite (I grew up in Atlanta GA and am addicted to them, the overripe ones are the best)

Do you have to sprout them in water indoors before you plant them, like an avocado?

TexasDeb said...

Welcome, Siren. I like the slightly overripe ones best too. I am not sure if, much less how, I will use the peach pits. I'll have to investigate peach propagation I suppose.

I am lucky to have a food co-op locally who do the footwork for me dear Bee. They make shopping and eating much less hazardous!

Thanks PPastry - you are as sweet as the peaches!