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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Don't Worry - Be Happy Now

I have the perfect antidote for those of you worrying about a swine flu pandemic. Studies show that 9 out of 10 doctors say the best way to eliminate one worry (for worriers that is) will be to replace the one worry with another. The doctors report this is especially effective if the new worry presents a more realistic threat to health combined with one other element.

Can you guess what that element is? The element that makes the "replace one worry with another" formula especially "sticky" if is there are steps you can take to avoid falling victim to the replacement threat.

Win/win, yeah? You can do this! You simply replace one fear (which is at the moment pretty much completely hypothetical) with another fear that is real, present, and better yet, offers you a chance to successfully avoid it as a pitfall. What mastery you will feel! What a sense of control over your world you can regain. You can leave your house again! Without a surgical mask and a gallon tub of hand sanitizer!!

I confess. I just made all that up. There was no study done, no doctors were harmed in the writing of this post but it sounds legit eh? And I don't have any journalistic training which perhaps puts me more on an equal footing with many television and radio news "reporters" than you'd guess.

All by way of which I am saying you must consider the source when you hear what we will arguably call "news" on television or the radio. Before you take anything too seriously think about whether or not the people you are listening to have any scientific training. Consider if perhaps their motives might fall more in line with wanting to convince you if you don't stay tuned to hear what they will say next you or your loved ones might die! (Horribly!) As opposed to sharing facts, say.

Which is why we typically stick to watching the news on PBS. That business about sharing facts. The News Hour on PBS can be legitimately labeled as boring compared to nightly news on a commercial television station but that is because they usually interview scientists and government officials to get them speaking about the events of the day. Let's face it - scientists and government officials are a lot less likely to say anything exciting. They are, however, a lot more likely to carefully stick to the facts.

Back to my unscientific theory of Fear Replacement Therapy. Humor me and let's give a trial run shall we? The Nonprofit Center for Science in the Public Interest (the boring good guys in those White Coats) compiled a list of the Absolutely Best Foods You Should Eat All The Time If You Want to Die Nearly Immediately (title mine). They followed it up with a list of 10 Superfoods including a few by brand name that are actually easy to prepare. (I know! They forgot to make the good food list up out of foods you can't find or can't reasonably fix!)

Are we ready to replace our Swine Flu Fear? Let's go!

Don't Eat These (and if you already are - spit that out!)

DO Eat these:One last note. If you have old eyes (in a gracefully aging completely younger than you actually are body, caff!) then simply click on each of the posters to get an Older Eye Friendly Ginormous Version. Nobody will ever know and I won't tell. Promise.

Oh- here's a suggestion for the comments crowd. Do you eat any of these Killers on Your Plate regularly? Are you surprised by any of the Awful Foods? Get it off your chest (before it stops your heart!!!).

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