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Monday, May 11, 2009

Get Your Tweezers Ready

Here comes Misses Splintery Splinter!

Yeah, you heard me. Whether or not you secretly know yourself to hold amazing (potentially unappreciated) powers, The Hero Factory is a chance to play just a little with the concept, in private, and limited only by your imagination (and the parameters of the program)...

Here I am in all my nerdish glory:You will note the au courant thigh high boots please. Being a super heroine does not mean being out of style. Non non non!

I couldn't capture the salt and pepper hair quite, and they shockingly had no provision to add a middle aged paunch, but other than that, this looks EXACTLY like me. Pinky swear. Well, except for the no features bit. I'm not sure if I just missed that prompt but will settle for what I got.

You know, protect my anonymity from arch villains, etc. etc....

Have fun!

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bee said...

hahaha. that is funny and cool.