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Saturday, November 1, 2008

What did you eat on Halloween?

I don't know how your Halloween plans run, but I typically count on indulging myself with a candy binge every year on Halloween.
How I look every year BEFORE I eat the candy.
As somebody of "a certain age" I no longer dress up, I don't throw (or get invited or want to be invited) to costume parties. I don't trick or treat. Not that I am anti-Halloween. No sir!
Donnie Darko precursor? And just look at those ears - can't you tell I will grow up to be...what!!?
I love love looove Hallowen. Always have. It is my first favorite candy-centric holiday with Easter as a close second.

I buy candy, I wait for my doorbell to ring, and I answer the door for groups of varying sizes of pre-school to middle school aged costumed young people, all out to do one thing. Score candy.When I reach a certain point in the candy supply or it gets to a certain pre-designated time (usually 8:30PM), I blow out the pumpkin candles, I turn out the porch lights, and I call it a holiday. Then my husband and I get to work polishing off however much of the remainder we decide we want.I utilized the Binge Method (patent pending) with my kids when they were little, too.

They dumped and then sorted out their candy when they got back home- at least a half full grocery store paper bag's worth on a good year - and then out of what they liked I let them eat as much as they could stand that night, on the spot. I then confiscated the rest and doled it out in their lunches or after dinner until it was gone or they got tired of it, either one.
Mwah-ha-haaaa... The Ghost Of Halloween (candy) Past
This prevented running across an abandoned/forgotten stash of stale candy in anybody's closet, dresser drawers or that magical land of UnderBed.

Our kids are grown - candy consumption is their own interior bargaining process now, and all I have to do is figure out what to try and prepare for dinner on a night when I know we will be treating ourselves to a candy binge for dessert. What did I decide? Doctored Up Frozen Self Rising Crust Pizza.Nothing extraordinary to see here, folks, no pizza box photos, just keep it moving along. I take a pizza we like, I put additional seasonings and layer on additional quality ingredients, I bake it, we eat it. No big whoop.

And last night, true to form, we gnoshed down on Smarties, a selection of Tootsie Roll candies (I'd never had a Charleston Chew before but if you have any I'll take them - they are yummmmmy), anda smattering of halloween wrapped cheap "chocolaty flavored" (wtf?) candies.

Sidebar: Oh Smarties. The poor man's Sweet Tart. Just the thing to counteract the eventually cloying sweetness of faux chocolates.

Anyway - nothing major to report except to wish you all a Happy First Day of I Swear I Will Never Eat/Drink That Much in Combination Ever Again. From us to you.

So share. What did YOU eat for dinner on Halloween? Did you save room for candy and if so, what kind did you eat? No style points here - this is candy we are talking about.....Oh, and file this in the "moving on" category - I am getting started making some Gumbo. Ahhhh. Yummmmm. Gummmmbo.


Flapjacks said...

what is in that pot? i can't tell, looks like bay, and the one of those blob things you grow in water overnight.

whilst out and about, yip yipping it up, was hit up by one of those roving eastside tamale peddlers. i relieved him of a dozen of them, and promptly ate them all. just the right amount of fuel to propel this beast as i schlepped around a thrity pound muppet costume and danced until it reaches jungle climate on the interior of rug-like suit.

all washed down with an ice cold Lone Star purchase by one of those Brokeback cowboys.

TexasDeb said...

It is bay from my plant out back and a whole chicken breast and yeah it does look kinda like a shapeless blob in there.

You should see it now that I have added a smashed chicken carcass to the broth after I took the poached chicken breasts out.

Fortunately it smells and tastes better than the current mish-mosh looks. Gumbo post on the way!

PassivePastry said...

i didn't eat nearly enough candy this year.
i think lonestar and rice crispy treats took the place.

i did make myself sick on candy corn pumpkins thursday though. (a girl in my class brought a bag and i was the only one who ate them... and ate them... and ate them.)

stephaniegbrown said...

I ate too much candy! All kinds, too much... Tastes terrible just thinking about it again...

TexasDeb said...

I can't decide if I ate too much candy or not. If I can't decide maybe that means I didn't eat too much (or perhaps it is a more sure sign of my level of denial?).

I can say that I stopped eating before all the candy was gone. I will take that as a victory, small though it may be.

I also keep thinking if I eat that candy until it tastes bad then I will be less likely to want more in the future.

Somehow it never works out that way though.

Now we shall all adjourn to our kitchens and drink a nice cool glass of clear water to cleanse our palates. OK? Everybody??