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Friday, November 28, 2008

I appreciate

Let me briefly say the pecan pie was good but not great. I will try to tweak the technique towards more outstanding results and then post that recipe when it is ready. (I will share no pie before its time...)

Let me also say I always appreciated having Friday night be "pizza night" while the kids were growing up, as that gave me a cooking break and accommodated having their friends sleep over seeing as nobody doesn't like either cheese or pepperoni pizza.

Right now I appreciate that Friday night is still pizza night. Friday comes after Thursday. That means dinner tonight will be pizza and I don't have to plan or shop or do anything out of the ordinary to pull that off.


I appreciate a whole lot more, but as I eat my second leftover turkey sandwich (and I do really truly like leftover turkey sandwiches) I am mostly temporarily grateful for pizza, and how it is so NOT part of a Thanksgiving meal. And that I don't have to get out and shop for anything today.

Do you get out into the Black Friday hooraw? Is it worth it to fight the crowds? Not from where I sit (in front of the TV with a movie starting up and a turkey sandwich to finish). Movie has started....all for now....


Flapjacks said...

today is also 'buy nothing day,' and i'm almost out of beer! i have mixer, though... and scotch if it comes to that...

my pie was hurriedly eaten, i am upset about the pie. the crust (which i've been working on for four+ years) was perfect (finally) but the hordes wanted to eat it, and it never set up right inside, due to still being too warm when eaten. tasted good, but it oozed... ahhhhh!!!

PassivePastry said...

my mom goes to home depot and buys poinsettias- they are only like $2.00 or something rediculous.
she gives them (i deliver them) to everyone on our block.
that's the only thing worth getting in my opinion.

i think i'm going to order myself mangia.