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Friday, November 28, 2008

Got List?

One of the fun bits about food blogging is the chance to participate in various events, round ups, projects and contests.

Take your pick. There are recipe collections centered around a theme or central ingredient, and there are recipe round-ups featuring home grown ingredients.

If you are the competitive sort, there are plenty of contests, too. Some contests feature special ingredients while others are geared around a theme.

Then there are larger scale projects like those emphasizing eating locally. Or the Slow Food Movement, dedicated to preserving food traditions, counteracting "fast food and fast life".

And that is just the tip of the internet iceberg.

Some projects are fairly involved. Those I mostly enjoy reading about.

Others projects are a lot easier to be a part of, which makes them a lot of fun, and here is one of those I wanted to share with all of you.David Leite at Leites Culinaria Blog wants your shopping lists. He writes:
I was about to toss out my shopping list when I got an idea: Why not post the list for everyone to see. Kind of a little social/cultural project. Then I got an even better idea: Why not ask all of you to scan and send me your lists so that over the next five weeks we can post them to collectively see what we're all eating as well as to send a message out to those wonks in Washington that says not only are we surviving, but thriving, despite the mess they've put us in.

So here's the deal: Until the end of the year, scan your shopping lists (comestibles only, please), large and small, and send them to me at david@leitesculinaria.com. I'll post the more interesting and telling ones. All I need is your first name and the name of your town and state. That's it. Oh, and spread the word."

I already threw out my shopping lists for our Thanksgiving Feast because I am somebody who had all my shopping done by last Saturday afternoon. Yeah - I am that person.

However I fully intend to scan in my next shopping list to share.

Sending a message to Washington Wonks with my list (along with what will probably be hundreds of others) just sounds like too much fun to miss out on. Dontcha think?

Got List? Scan it in (or take a good digital photo) and send it, along with your first name, the name of your town and state, to: david@leitesculinaria.com

UPDATE:  I sent in my list - now, how about you guys?  Send your list copy to me too if you want and I will post them here with a link to the site.  Now get with it Austin, let's get our list on!


PassivePastry said...

this sounds like fun! My lists tend to get pretty long since I don't have a lot of time to go shopping.

Flapjacks said...

ha. my list for tomorrow is sitting in front of me. it is a weird list. all over the place.

TexasDeb said...

Fantabulous. Be sure to send your lists in and we will have some Austin samplings in the mix.


David Leite said...

Can't wait to get your list, Austin.