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Monday, March 31, 2008

Let it Begin!

Here it is - my first ever CSA basket from Tecolote Farm. I have to admit I was slightly intimidated at the idea of a basket brimming with new to us vegetables and greens but after picking ours up today, I am an instant convert.

Tecolote Farms not only has an online group to help with sharing recipes, storage tips and ideas about how best to manage a basket full of goodness from week to week, but if this basket is any indicator, the newsletter that comes with the produce each week will provide me with wonderful descriptions of the contents, tips about use, and so far two delicious looking recipes that I am anxious to try.

What do we have? This week's basket holds: Mache, Bloomsdale Spinach, German Red Garlic in the Green Stage (before cloves have formed), Mustard Greens, Japanese Turnips, and White Icicle Radishes.White Icicles are a favorite of mine. The best gardener I ever knew - my father in law - produced tons of these every year and I went from being a stranger to a fan in two bites. We only have 4 in this basket so it is not going to surprise me if they are the first to disappear. I am deeply hopeful for more of them in the weeks to come, and I look forward to discovering all sorts of new favorites as the Spring/Summer harvest arrives.

Time will tell if my enthusiasm will diminish as the baskets roll in, but at the moment I am thinking this is one of the smartest moves I ever made. It is worth the price of a month's worth of baskets just for that sensation alone. Eating well and doing it in a way that benefits rather than diminishes the earth. Wow. Not a bad start for a week....

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