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Monday, March 10, 2008

Best Laid Plans

It is said sometimes, "People make plans while God laughs".  

Rather than cruel commentary on a detached Creator, I take this more to mean we are right to make plans, but only in a hopeful sense of what we mean to do if all goes accordingly.  

In other words, never sweat the small stuff.  And, having your plans not work out is almost always small stuff. 

I'd meant to make Boeuf Bourguignon for a special family style Wire watching dinner yesterday evening.  The reality of the day was that in order to get the things I needed to build a raised planting area for my vegetables to go into the ground (as planned) on Monday, I spent a certain amount of time after church at my favorite local Nursery (Barton Springs) on Sunday.

And while I was there, I shopped the sales tables.  So when I got home, I had not only the soil and soil amendments I needed, but some young plants I wanted and decided to put into the ground just in case it rained, as it was predicted to do.

And while I was outside planting those plants, and after I'd attended a meeting I'd committed to in support of the 2008 Austin Multifaith PRIDE Worship service, well, I ran out of time and energy to cook anything, much less the three hour long beef in red wine I'd planned.  

So we had Chinese takeout.  We ordered with an eye towards healthier than usual eating (for us anyway), and we enjoyed a dinner together without benefit of home cooked anything.  

Which was fine.  Bottom line, the people are always more important than the food.  A beautifully prepared dish at the expense of the energy of the cook or the exhaustion of the waiting diners, is not the way to build warm memories of family meals shared.

Now today, it IS raining.  Good for the little plants I put into the ground yesterday and bad for my plans to build a raised garden box for my vegetable plants.  So maybe today I will get around to that Boeuf.  And maybe tomorrow the sun will be back and I will have a chance to build the garden box.  

At least, that's my plan......

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