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Friday, May 7, 2010

Yes we are still eating...

but life has been on something of a "need to eat RIGHT NOW - no time for plate styling or photos" schedule of late.

I lack photos to persuade but nevertheless highly recommend to you the following for some tried and true fine eating:

Simply Recipes Blender Hollandaise sauce (for whatever your version of Eggs Benedict needs might be)

Garlic Roasted Chicken from the Food Network (I used bone in thighs and white wine rather than vinegar)

Tacos of Carnitas Roasted with Orange, Milk and Pepper from Cookstr

We had our tacos with a version of Austin Gastronome's Salsa Verde

Meanwhile, tomato plants are (finally!) in the ground and I am back into Chief Bug Smasher/Waterer territory for the season.

And speaking of the season: loquats are a-ripening.

In order to get our fair share before the bugs/birds/squirrels have taken all the lower fruit I can reach from my wobbly ladder perch,  this year I picked a bit early and will now depend upon the displayed low tech indoors ripening technique.

Overripe bananas plus not so ripe loquats plus a plastic bag equals WONDERFULLY RIPE FRUIT FOR JAM!  I hope, anyway.

That's Plan A and while the loquats huff ethylene and carbon I will be methodically gathering up jam jars and checking our supplies of lids and rims.

I'll have to see how much usable loquat fruit I end up with before deciding if I can make all loquat jam or will need to mix in strawberries or peaches.

I admit it is a lot of pitting and peeling for a fairly small usable amount per fruit.  Regardless, the novelty grabs me annually and I love having home made jam to pull out on demand (even though the making of it gives me night terrors).  Having homemade jam around makes me smile - every single time.  So worth it.

Is there something you will go to extra trouble to do or make just because it pleases you to be the person who will do that?  Some special sauce or quick bread or cake or dish that you make because you like what it says about you to do so?  Fess up in the comments - we all want to know!


Kathleen Scott said...

Have ALWAYS wondered what people do with loquats. Now I know, thanks.

You may not have pix but I'm awed by your dinner variety. Am thinking of selling my home and moving next door so I can help you 'clean up the leftovers'.

Hope you have a great day, Deb.

TexasDeb said...

We used to eat a few every year fresh and leave the rest to the birds, bugs and squirrels. It is only as an adult (well, chronologically anyway) that I thought to really try and do something concerted with them.

You are totally welcome to move into my neighborhood any old time Kat. Or, maybe I move out towards you guys and you can help me tone down my extravagant butter/cream tendencies...

Hope your day is a wonder!

PassivePastry said...

i've never had a loquat, only a kumquat.

just writin' to say hello! and happy mother's day!
hope you feel loved and appreciated today, if not every day. :)

TexasDeb said...

Thank you Jen! Loquats are more like apricots than kumquats.... I DO feel loved and appreciated - thanks in part to you. Have a lovely Sunday, sweet girl.

Mayberry Magpie said...

Homemade salsa! I tried PW's recipe and now I make it regularly. I never would have thought I'd go to the trouble when you can buy so many kinds so easily, but she's right. Homemade is best. And my kids can't get enough.

Hope all is well 'round your place.

TexasDeb said...

Ms Pie! Good to have you visit!

I agree - fresh is best but boy oh boy there are some great varieties available in jars. I am trying to reserve the jar stuff for emergencies and winter time salsa needs, when fresh ingredients are harder to find.

Things are busy busy here - hope to get something posted about that soonest.