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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Now it's working....again!

The saga continues:  The Hub (which must certainly stand for Hero of Unanticipated Breakdowns) determined the cause of the garage refrigerator failure and even better than that - he repaired it.  (!!!)

Let it be said here we are not useless, but we are by no means ultra handy types.  We are bright enough between us, we are willing to work hard and get our hands dirty and our Daddies taught us both various skill sets to bring to bear on the home front.

There are however repairs beyond our purview, and major appliance repairs typically fall smack into that category.  This was the lovely exception to that rule and YAY to Hub for bothering (eventually) to check the once broken refrigerator for the possibility of the need for a simple repair.

Then double YAY for following through with that repair requiring him to spend a certain amount of his time off straining away lying on his side on the garage floor when he could have kept his mouth shut and simply walked away.   I'd have been none the wiser.  This man, my friends, is a keeper!

We called the store to cancel our purchase and were told since it had not yet been 24 hours since the order had been placed that we'd reached them in time.  As we did not get the automated call later on telling us when to expect a delivery, we relaxed, feeling all due diligence had been exercised.

Story over, right?  Happy endings all around!

That glowy warm slightly self congratulatory feeling lasted until around 8:30 AM the following morning when a delivery guy rang our doorbell.  I answered and immediately noted a new, no longer wanted or needed refrigerator already unloaded from the truck, glinting in the sun at the curbside, as the guy asked me "where do you want your new refrigerator installed?".

I apologized for their trouble and informed him of the repair and cancelled order.  Somehow, though the guy managed to be absolutely polite, I felt he failed to share our glee over repairing our refrigerator in the nick of time.  I also got the distinct impression this was not the first time an order had been cancelled and the delivery guys were the last to know.

Such is life in the no-passing lane I suppose.  Store's bad, not ours, but still I kept apologizing.....

In the interest of karmic studies I also immediately went to check the repaired refrigerator to make sure it had not abruptly stopped working while I was sending its replacement back to the warehouse.

Phew.  Lights on, cool air intact.  I am calling this a WIN for the home team.

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