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Friday, April 9, 2010

While we are on the topic

Speaking of food photography, did you know Saveur announced the winners of their First Annual Food Blog Awards recently?  (neither did I!)

No, I didn't make the cut, wasn't even nominated truth be told, but once I saw who was on the list all became clear.  These bloggers are the cream of the crop.  These are the blogs you'd want to read on a desert island (providing you had full access to your computer there and maybe a great desert/farmer's market....).

One of the categories was Best Food Photography, and the winner there, Smitten Kitchen, also snagged a Best Individual Post win for her take in January 2007 on Hibernation Fare.

I read Smitten Kitchen regularly and would agree the photography and writing are both inspiring, though she will go to an awful lot more trouble than I will to create, or in some cases, recreate a dish.  The few dishes of hers I do attempt are always wonderful and even the majority of time spent just reading her posts is thoroughly enjoyable.  

Another long time favorite blog/blogger, Homesick Texan scored a win for "Regional Cuisine".  Represent, y'all!

Just as some folks might make a point of watching all the Academy Award nominated "best" films year to year, or read anything snagging a New York Times bestseller status, I recommend to you trying out the blogs on Saveur's winner list.  Not a clunker in the bunch.  The list with links will take you all sorts of good places you might not have even known you wanted to go.

The full list of winners is right here.  Enjoy!


Kathleen Scott said...

Hi Deb, I'm catching up after being out of town. I LOVE your food photography! The brussels sprouts in this post and the tomato picture in the last post are Art.

And I agree about recipes without pictures. Food is a fusion of the senses, I want to see as well as read.

Wildflowers were wonderful toward Brenham. If your allergies will allow a drive, go down that way and then down SR 36 toward Bellville, which is cute in its own right.

TexasDeb said...

Kat - Wow. Art with a capital A. You are too too kind! Also thanks for the wildflower drive nod. If I get a break from playing the Home Improvement Game I'll check it all out.

And, thanks for your wildflower photos these past few days - they are gorgeous. If any of y'all feel you've been missing the sights check out Kat's blog: