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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

This Post Just Wrote Itself....

Nah not really.

I read that in blog posts and think maybe it is true for them, but for me? There are stretches of days when I start to post but keep interrupting myself with visions of a T-shirt I saw that stated "nobody cares about your blog!". Or I'll recall a book by a big deal blog writing coach entitled "nobody cares what you ate for lunch".

I begin to think to myself is that what this is? Another "this is what I had for lunch post?".

Annnnd I slowly step away from the keyboard. Again.

I haven't been sitting around on my hands though. Far from it. I've got lots going on.

Some of my projects are well considered and clearly represent improvements. I consider others of my projects though and begin muttering to myself "OK Deb, is this charming....or just nuts? Eccentricity at play here or is it finally time to reserve that padded room?".Case in point:the other day after making stock I fished out and bleached these poultry vertebrae because as the retired manager for a neurosurgical practice, they spoke to me. (NO not out loud...artistic license for Pete's sake calm down).These aren't totally creepy are they? I mean, used in the right way as an element in combination with other items these small structurally intriguing bones could represent a fascinating glimpse into motion and how it is supported by our bodies. Right? (Right? Anybody???)

Honestly I see other people widely recognized as creative types out there with their whimsical garden elements {photo below from the wonderful Cheryl Goveia's garden and blog Conscious Gardening}and I'm inspired and think to myself "I can do that!".And, some of the time, I totally can.But I ask you, why is it that when I see a photo of something on anybody else's blog it looks totally legit and when I view something I feel is similar in my own spaces in real time I keep wondering if my neighbors occasionally wish me harm?

By now you are perhaps yawning politely behind your hand and wondering "when does this get to be about food because if I wanted to read about what you are doing in your crazy yard I'd be reading posts on your other blog, lady".

I do realize this blog by its own description is supposed to be food oriented and one cursory glance at my shape would assure even a casual observer "yes sirree that lady is sure enough eating!". But the cross blogging just seems to be happening lately. And, along with slightly cooler temperatures I've been either sticking to simple comfort foods such as meat loaf, or coming up with what turns out to be delicious dishes that I don't get a photo of because I'm just playing and not entirely sure how they'll turn out.Let's be real. You don't want to know how I make meat loaf now, do ya. You already have your own way to make meat loaf and I'm guessing yours is awesome for you like mine is amazing for me.

It all boils down to a certain lack of "here you go-ness!" lately. I can't say why but I am most definitely not taking things quite so much for granted. Can't say for sure what has my worldview jostled ever so slightly, maybe it is only the aftereffect of a summer's worth of desiccation. I'm definitely in the realm of the near miss/hunker down in the bunker tribe at the moment however.

Not rendered inactive, far from it. Just not quite so likely to "ta-DA" what I've been up to. That ever happen to you? Some sort of invisible to the naked eye cloak of hesitance ever settle in on you? Did it seem to be just what you expected or take you by surprise? Did you "do" anything about it or ride that pony to see where it would take you? I'm just curious....

In the meantime I'm keeping a critical eye out for just the right spot to stage my chicken bones. When I find it, you'll be among the first to know. You can thank me later.....


Iris said...

I think the poultry vertebrae are very cool! My first thought was to display them in a decidedly non-primitive manner, like hanging them on a (vertical) velvet or satin or tapestry--something royal and lush--sash. Or something contrasty along those lines. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

Anonymous said...

I am not artistic in the least! My dad was an artist and his talent went squarely to my brother Charlie!

And I can't grow anything :D

I love blogs that are a little of this, little of that - that's what makes them interesting!

And you remind me that I need to make meatloaf for my hubby - I can't stand it, but I make it for him because he does.

Mine, however, is wrapped in bacon and cooked on a cookie sheet over a jelly roll pan, so the whole outside gets crispy from the bacon.

I am pretty sure its a WW recipe. NOT! :d

TexasDeb said...

Iris - you always seem to find something positive to say. You are simply a ray of sunshine here in the comments section, no question.

We are of like minds at this point - I already threaded the bones onto a wired deep purple ribbon just to see what they looked like. I think further embellishment may be in order. Again, the results will be here as soon as I call it "done".

TexasDeb said...

Biz - bacon wrapped meatloaf? Totally sounds WW to me... And say, did you mention when this dinner will be ready? I'll bring rolls....

You don't fool me young lady - I've read your blog and know for a fact you are very creative. Charlie too though, no doubts there. What a great blogging family you've turned out to be. Now all we need is a saying to go along...

Finish this for me please somebody...The family that blogs together ______________ together.

First prize gets to talk Biz into sharing her bacon wrapped meatloaf recipe.

jo said...

'slogs together?'

'trello clogs together'
sounds nice

(they are on my mind as i just received an order of six pairs from Landsend.
Maybe they ought to be on my feet instead. Two-by-two I hasten to add.

I'l wave the prize as I don't need the receipe as I don't cook.

You've gone ballistic blogwise all of a sudden. May I remind you that there is an email that needs answering :-) but I can see that you have been otherwise engaged of late. The eye-blinding profile pic needs sunglasses. Very striking indeed.

TexasDeb said...

Trello clogs together! What great commercial potential that has... And you've ordered multiples of a product you really like - I sense a strong kinship developing here.

Heehee - I discovered a "new" program on my machine that creates the popart look. Girls just want to have fu-un.... Email answer should be coming later today!

PassivePastry said...

I love your bloglings!
I love your cap snake!
I love BONES!!? they are super cool- I'm thinking about what I would do with them, fashion some earrings perhaps? :)
And lady, maybe I want to know what went in to your meatloaf and how it turned out. I've been wanting to make one, I made my first meatballs and spaghettis the other night and they turned out deeeelish.

Much love from Elbow land.