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Friday, December 19, 2008

Tis the Season!

Out in the real world, away from the keyboard, a lot of folks are doing what they can to help out those less fortunate than themselves. For instance, this Brownie Troop shown heading back down our drive? This bunch of lovable second grade girls with their MommyVolunteerLeaders, went Caroling for Cans in our neighborhood last weekend and gathered up 210 pounds (!!!) of nonperishables for our local Food Bank.The Blogosphere can also be a generous place. There are all sorts of giveaways generally, and in this, the season when many folks take their one run at doing something to give back? There are several blogarrific ways for you to do something with a few quick keystrokes to help make the nonvirtual world a better place. One large effort, international really, is the Menu for Hope coordinated by ChezPim with the assistance of a network of other well known bloggers and gift sponsors.The Menu for Hope is an amazing example of all that is positive about the World of Online. And you will see a lot of space/virtual ink devoted to promoting its worthy cause.

In the cause of doing something a little more local however, I wanted take a bit of time here on AustinAgrodolce to shine extra light on some of the smaller scale and yet no less important efforts folks are making to share the love. Here is one:

MizFit has got that holiday spirit. For every comment she gets on this post, she will donate a dime to SafePlace.

Miz is tallying up the comment numbers on Christmas Eve Morning, so don't put this off, go directly to her blog and...

1) Enjoy her particular take on the working out life and life in general, then

B) Comment on the post to help raise money for SafePlace which always, unfortunately, sees a rise in demand for their services around the holidays.Do it! Post a Comment here. Then give me a few wrist flexes (remember to stretch first), relax, and go eat a dry carrot stick knowing you have just done 3 good things. Your wrists, your waistline and your conscience will all thank you.


PassivePastry said...

you did another grand thing for me. :)
remember that thanksgiving card i sent you and 20 other folks?
It earned me an A.
Straight A's for Jennifer. Ole!

MizFit said...

thanks so much for linking me.

Im off to explore the other links.