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Friday, December 5, 2008


I have been really frustrated with how blah my food photos have been lately. There is not great natural light in my kitchen, especially this time of year, and "everybody knows" you aren't supposed to use standard flash photography to get a good food shot.

I understand the photos are not the best feature of my blogging so I try not to stress when I get a run of so-so results. I am first and foremost the family cook and there are those times when getting a hot dinner into our bellies outweighs the time and trouble to stage a great food shot.

Even if I don't always get the shot I want, I truly enjoy great food photography. When I stumbled across this I had to share.Take a closer look. Those boulders are potatoes in a land mass made out of bread with a sugar beach. The sea is made out of salmon and the little boat? A peapod.

Carl Warner crafts these ridiculously inventive foodscapes and they have a photo gallery of them in the Telegraph today. No matter how expert or amateur your own photographic efforts are, you will most definitely want to look these over.


Flapjacks said...


bee said...

i don't subscribe to the "flash is bad" school it works fine for me.

bee said...

forgot to add, just stick a diffuser on it like kitchen roll paper or a translucent plastic cup.

TexasDeb said...

What a great bit of advice, Bee! Thanks for sharing - the photos on your site are amazing.