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Friday, August 17, 2012

Grab (a) Bag

Reflecting life in general I have nothing too organized to offer you today but there are a couple of things I wanted to share.

First up, our territorial hummingbirds.  There are least two males and a female that we see daily, with the males providing an ongoing air show.  It mostly takes the form of a King of the Feeder dispute.  This does not seem to involve one bird harming the other, but there is a lot of red throat flashing, dramatic dive bombing, and chittering going on.

That said?  When given any time at the feeder undisturbed whichever bird I am trying to capture in photos often gets caught out looking like a tiny feathered goof.  As in this:
I'm the King of the World!
It is tricky to catch the birds in anything that approaches stillness but I liked the following shot due to the detail caught in the feathers:
Double click on any photo to view a larger size 

Speaking of feeding disputes?  As part of Back to School preparation, many parents responsible for putting together home sourced school lunches are being targeted by advertisers trying to get their kid-friendly foods into lunch bags and bento boxes nationwide.

I doubt any professional campaign could go further than the following video made as part of an after school program called Beats and Rhymes (provided by the Minneapolis North Community YMCA).  Called "Hot Cheetos and Takis".  I'll let the kids show you themselves:

So when it's about a quarter to a 4 and you are rollin' to the store?  You'll want to join the kids as they -snack! -snack! -snack! MUNCH!

I know I wanted to.

Perhaps you are unfamiliar with Takis?  They are a spicy packaged snack from Mexico available here in Central Texas mostly in convenience stores rather than large grocery chains, though all that may change shortly if these mini-stars have anything to say on the topic.  And oh, they so do.  Enjoy!

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I love the picture of that bird...cool . .thanks a lot for showing it to me .. .keep it up..
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