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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Battle:Dinner Every Night

I was enjoying what passes for "our version" of fried chicken for dinner while watching a recorded episode of Iron Chef America recently.

After the episode's secret ingredient was revealed (cauliflower) challenger John Fraser announced his decision to forgo the assistance of sous chefs, prompting Iron Chef Michael Symon to do the same.

During the course of the hour the two chefs were allotted to cook, it was stated over and over (and over) how especially difficult this battle would be for them, working as they were to prepare the five dishes required to present to the judges all ALONE.

Finally I could stand it no longer and said aloud "This is something most Moms do every night for dinner and nobody makes a big deal about it".

I heard in response the somewhat expected objections - this was a different level of cooking than expected for home dinner, it was a contest, there were judges to please, etc..

I'll yield the points to some extent, I do accept there are differences, but I stick with my original assertion.

Every night, in homes around the world, people sit down to eat a meal that was prepared for them by somebody who probably spent around an hour to make various dishes that they will most certainly be judged for.

Maybe a little longer than an hour if dessert is included.  This peach cobbler is a favorite of ours but it takes an hour in the oven so I like to bake it ahead of time.

Meal to meal, these home cooks will probably also hear all sorts of opinions expressed about what they've cooked.  [If not out loud, then the plates going back to the kitchen, with or without food left on them will pretty much say it all.]

The biggest difference I can see between home cooks and the occupants of Kitchen Stadium is that the home cooks probably also shopped (and paid) for all the ingredients and they will be the ones expected to clean up any messes made (well, eventually).

There are no lifetime bragging rights or special recognition that goes with the success of any of a home cook's efforts AND in around 24 hours no matter how good a job they did before, they will be expected to do it all over again.  

I'd like to see the Iron Chefs tackle that challenge.



PassivePastry said...

amen sistah.... though i don't have somebody to regularly cook for.

i want some of that cobbler now. (please)

TexasDeb said...

Wish I could email you some Jen. It is super cinchy to make though and all sorts of great peaches are around to buy. Maybe you should try out the recipe and see if it lives up to your expectations (and oh - it WILL!).

Kathleen Scott said...

I second PassivePastry's amen. Even though my husband does prep chef duty and much of the cleanup, so I'm not relegated to the kitchen by myself. Still...I'm responsible for healthy, flavorful, diverse dinners--planning, purchasing, bringing it all together, using leftovers and starting over the next day.

BTW, I clicked your peach cobbler link (a favorite dish of my mother's and I don't have a good recipe) and it loops back to the post instead of a recipe.

TexasDeb said...

Kat: Actually it links back to both this post AND the one with the recipe - just keep scrolling down. And thanks for the head's up on that - wouldn't want anybody to miss the recipe!

aspiring annapoorna said...

Well said! Truly...

TexasDeb said...

Thank you Aspiring! Glad you dropped in and hope you'll be back.