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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

In the Bag

I have already confronted the cold hard truth that I am a thrift shop junkie.

Me: "Hello, my name is Texas Deb and it has been 25 hours 3 minutes since I last set foot in a thrift store."
Attendees at 12 Step Program for Shopaholics: "Hellooo, Deb!"

Yesterday I had a great run. I was careful (for me) and didn't buy everything I saw that I liked.

Not taking advantage of every bargain I bump into  is consistently an area where I must exercise some discretion. Just because something is great, at a great price, does not (according to nearly everybody I ask) mean I should buy it. Apparently, I am supposed to need it or have some immediate use for it. Obviously I have not thoroughly internalized that process but work continues. 

I decided to share with you some of the treasures I unearthed yesterday. I have fun looking at what other people have found as they add to their various collections so I figured this might be fun for you too. If not then just move along, no harm no foul, something different will be here next post I promise.

So - first up? 5 (probably from an original set of 6) reverse painted souvenir coasters from Puerto Rico.
[click to enlarge any photo for a better view of details]
I don't have a close association with Puerto Rico and I don't need any more coasters but each one is such a little masterpiece I think and I especially admire how the degradation in the backing actually has enhanced the appearance of my favorite one.I am not sure how I will mount/display these yet. Suggestions are welcome.

I found a small enamelware coffee pot.No lid. It could be a reproduction and may be from a child's set. It was a good size and a great color and price so I snagged it for a windowsill collection.I think it adds a great non-glass touch here.

Then there are the painted three legged bowls - probably Nahuatl but provenance is often difficult in thrift stores.I already had three and these two filled in quite nicely.I have seen others marketed with ceramic spoons as "salsa bowls" but those did not have holes in the "legs" which I believe indicates these are meant more for hanging than food service. If I get more information I will update the post. [Anybody who knows feel free to comment and educate.] I take a safety-first stance when it comes to using Mexican pottery for food service. As far as I'm concerned every paint is lead based unless I know otherwise.

A small carved wooden angel [7 inch wing span] again most likely Mexican in origin.A belt with what appear to be silver conchos.I will detach and re-use these in another project (....eventually.....).

There were some blueware plates I would ordinarily have snagged for potential shard projects but seeing as I have only ever "collected" the potential pieces to break and used them in one large freeform mosaic mulch area in the back yard, I decided to wait until I actually actively successfully produce a mortared piece before I pick up any more plates. (At least that was what I was telling myself yesterday - my resolve comes and goes.) I told you I exercised restraint yesterday [for me].

Our President says we cannot all save all the time or the economy really will collapse. I think of myself as quite the patriot today.... Naturally thrift shops are not the only places to find great deals. How about you? What is the "great buy" you most recently stumbled across? Did you give in to it? Share in the comments section and we can all feel like Proud Americans.


Marion said...

Dear Texas Deb: My name is Marion and I am a patriot for recently buying a ceramic elephant (trunk up!) planter now on the kitchen window sill that proudly trumpets his existence between the just-the-eeensiest-bit-obsessive collection of McCoy planters already in place.
Thank you for your new definition of patriotism. It's one I can live with.

TexasDeb said...

Marion: Ah (trunk up!)- true mark of an in-the-know type.

You have the President to thank for redefining patriotism - my job as a loyal citizen is now to spread the word and keep those cash registers ringing out FREEDOM across the land (as long as there is a discount involved).

Welcome and thanks for dropping in.

Rona Maynard said...

I promised myself to shop in the closet instead of in stores. On vacation in Florida, I wandered into the Ralph Lauren store at Sawgrass Mills and snapped up a classic linen jacket with coordinating pants for $104, regular price well over $1,000. Over 90 percent off--my best bargain ever. With enough money, anyone can dress well. It takes real creativity to dress well on a budget, hence the special satisfaction of sale racks.

texasdeb said...

Rona - that is part of my problem (if you call it that and I clearly do NOT) - I consider these thrift stores to be my extended "closet".

Reusing is better than buying new (I tell myself). By buying used I not only am a patriot but an environmentalist to boot.

Thanks for dropping in!

Flapjacks said...

man. i need some of those coasters.

bee said...

oh, darling, you have no idea how many hours i can spend in a thrift shop. most of my precious ceramics are from there - handmade. love the stuff you picked up.

bee the fellow patriot.

bee said...

an idea for displaying those coasters - mount them on a bamboo table runner and put it up as a vertical strip. or as a horizontal strip above your headboard. i've made a "piece" above my headboard with wooden plates and chopsticks.

TexasDeb said...

What creative ideas - and from a fellow patriot as well! Thanks, Bee!