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Monday, March 2, 2009

Jonesin' for Top Chef

I confess. I am a Top Chef junkie.

I watch whether the shows or cheftestants are good - or bad.I develop theories about why my favorites are so good but unrewarded (if that is the case) and nurse grudges towards those who win undeservedly in my eyes.

I record the show and watch it when I am eating a meal because if I don't I will want (desperately) to be eating while I watch anyway. Nerves, suggestibility, don't know for sure why. But Top Chef is a show that is ideally accompanied with a meal (and ideally a glass of nice wine) for this viewer.

That said, meal or no meal, I just gotta have me my Top Chef fix weekly when the season runs. Between seasons, I pine and whine and wait.

Which is why I had such fun reading the following articles now that Top Chef is all over but the reunionizing.

First up, this juicy tidbit - Fabio Viviani is apparently getting his own show.Join me and we will do the monkeybutt victory dance together to celebrate the many more moments of Italian suavity to be dished up in the months to come. Come bello!

Next up this delightful little pre-acceptance series of demi-interviews with potential Season Six Top Chef contestants from the audition lines in New York City.

Here's a little appetizer:
Dante Bua Jr.
Hometown: Boston, MA
Culinary experience: Went to Newbury College and has been cooking for 15+ years. Currently works at Mistral Restaurant in Boston, MA.
Says "Why not?" when asked why he wants to be on Top Chef and is up for any of the challenges.
Bet: Mistral is well-respected. That'll get him into the second round. Also: name is Dante.

So how about you? Have a favorite food or cooking related show? You a die-hard Alton Brown fan, an Iron Chef America devotee or a No Reservations regular?
Fess' up in the comments section. Don't leave me hanging out here all by myself....

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PassivePastry said...

ohhhhh anthony bourdain.... slobber slobber drool drool...
probably one of the few guys that my mother (and a lot of other middle aged women) and i would fight over.