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Monday, February 9, 2009

Making Deux

A quick note here - the macaroni and cheese reheated pretty well.  

I used the microwave in several stages - added water and stirred back in to disperse the heat and moisture evenly.

I know lots of folks insist using a microwave is not "real" cooking, that they are useless and take up otherwise precious counter or storage space, blah blah blah...  In a situation such as this where I had something potentially scorchable to reheat and only an electric rangetop (as opposed to gas where I can control the heat instantly) to use, the microwave is a dish saver.

I thought the sauce was just the teensiest bit grainy when reheated but it also sat in the refrigerator longer than I would have let it except we were out of town.  If reused within a day or two I believe it would not lose anything in the way of taste or texture.Final verdict?  The Barilla US style macaroni and cheese dish is a winner.  It eats well, reheats reasonably, and was quick and easy to prepare.  Give it a try if you are craving something delicious and want a compromise between the blue box or spending two hours waiting for your macaroni and cheese.


PassivePastry said...

i had the blue box yesterday. :)

TexasDeb said...

I am a long time fan of the blue box myself. I like Cheetos too. I think the two likes are related somehow.

Yay cheese. Crunchy dry or creamy soft, it is the cheese that pleases.