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Monday, May 26, 2008

Basket Number Nine-The Power of Two?

If you try to determine the origin or history of the phrase "dressed to the nines", you are mostly out of luck. They (meaning the folks who are apparently paid to do research on this and other similarly troubling questions) simply admit they don't know for sure.

Nine, being the highest ordinal single digit numeral often represents perfection. (cue "Love Potion Number Nine" by Lieber/Stoller aka "The Searchers"). There are theories about the 99th regiment being a sharp looking group, nine yards of material being required for a properly tailored shirt (really!!!?) or a suit (more likely).

At any rate, Tecolote Farms Basket Number Nine, if not perfect or at the height of current fashion, is yet a beauty to behold.

Despite their potential for continuing water woes, the Pitres got us a pip of a basket this Memorial Day, and it is a fine way to celebrate the kickoff for summer in our region.

Two kinds of wonderful squash, two kinds of cucumbers. Two pounds of green beans, thai basil (where the flowers are as well used as the leaves - so a double threat, flavor wise). A really (REALLY!) big bulb of fennel. Red beets and Rainbow chard. To bring up the parade this week is a gorgeous bunch of tender crisp carrots and some german red garlic.

In the midst of the "now you see it now you don't" water worries facing Tecolote Farm, they are joining many others in the farm/market/restaurant triumvirate of the Austin economy to raise funds for Sarah Rowland (Hairston Creek Farm), battling on two fronts. Cancer, and a mounting pile of unpaid bills.

Perspective in life is a great gfit.

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